Box pallets

The box pallets, also known as pallet cages or wire box pallets, are an steel framework construction. Due to the side panels the box pallets are an alternative to stacking frames. Especially heavy goods and goods which don’t need to be packed at all costs are often being transported in box pallets. It is particularly suitable for the transport of goods which do not provide the opportunity to be piled up. The box pallet can be charged without having to pack/unpack the individual components which would equal in more time and costs. Therefore it is ideal for the transport and further processing in the assembly and final assembly operation.

We only offer used box pallets.

Technical information of box pallets:
category: four-way-box pallet
tare weight: 85 kg
static lifting capacity: max. 1500 kg
extra load: max. 6000 kg
dimensions: 835mm x 1200mm x 970mm
cargo hold: 0,75 m³
The upper half on one long side can be opened stackable and compressible with EUR-pallets and EUR-stacking frames