About BROX Trading GmbH in Wien

The company BROX Trading GmbH is a young, dynamic and flexible enterprise specialized in dealing with the wholesaling of loading tackles.

Many companies have difficulties with just-in time delivery as well as the resulting danger of shortfall and standstill in production if the needed loading tackles are not available. – with our corporate concept we are doing our best to counteract these problems. Our strengths consist in being able to offer you a tailor-made solution at any time.

We are cooperating with selected manufacturers and retailers and have a fixed amount of loading tackles accessible (whenever needed). Therefore we can make a trouble-free and quick delivery possible. Due to our special purchasing conditions and quantity discounts we agreed upon with the manufacturers and retailers, we can offer you our high-quality products at a fairly low price.

We are constantly expanding as well as improving our performance in order to satisfy our customers at the best. For this you can approach our employees by telephone, per E-Mail or Fax to respond to your questions individually. In special cases you can also reach us beyond the office hours.

We’d like to re-emphasize that as our customer you are profiting from the low prices and moreover that you can enjoy the advantages of an permanently expanding network of retailers of loading tackles.